Animal Welfare

Lanta has no longer problems with the wild stray dogs and cats thanks to Junie’s warm hearted engagement in those animals’ health. Lanta Animal Welfare is open for families that can support by donations or taking the dogs out for a daily walk.


Wild animals and especially Makaki monkeys are common. There are also snakes on Koh Lanta mostly spotted during green season – if you are lucky! Inform the children to avoid run in high grass.

Banks and ATM

There are hundreds of ATM’s on Lanta for cash withdrawal. If you are looking for a bank you’ll find, Thanachart Bank and Siam Commercial Bank in Saladan, Kasikorn Bank at Southern Lanta Resort’s entrance at Klong Dao Beach and the Thai Government Bank next to Lanta Hideaways office on Long Beach.

Boat trips

If you want to go snorkelling you can go on a four-island-tour which include the Emerald Cave where you swim through a 40-meter S-shaped tunnel to reach the exotic lagoon inside the mountain! Best visibilty Oct-Apr. See our activity movie here.


When you get tired of sunbathing there are two caves you can explore; Mai Kaeo Caves and Tiger Cave.

Children’s items

Lanta Mart in Saladan carry a limited choice of diapers and baby food in various brands. Baby seats and seat cushions for children in transports can be requested when ordering transfer with mini vans via Lanta Hideaways.


In Thailand it is prohibited by law to sunbathing topless. To walk on the beach in a bikini or swimwear is accepted. When visiting the village, restaurants or shops, we should dress properly in shorts, t-shirt, sarong or similar.

Cultural differences

Please keep in mind that we are guests in a country with cultural differences than we are used to. The community of Lanta is very hospitable and all we should do to is show our respect and try to understand which rules are important to follow. Welcome to the Paradise!

Drinking water

The risk of getting stomach problems on Koh Lanta is quite low. Ice is produced of drinking water so don’t be afraid to have a chilled drink.


Loy Krathong Festival takes place during October. The water festival 13-15 Apr is a Thai version of New Year. Lanta Laanta Festival is an annual event that takes place in The Old Town during mid-March. New year celebration is of course celebrated as well.


There is a night life on Lanta as well. At many beach bars, they often have some entertainment like fire shows. Visit “Paz the Indian” on Klong Dao Beach for example.


Local and Southern inspired Thai food is of course on the menus and span from simple to sophisticated with an extra touch. International dishes are delicious as well; Indian, French, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese, Swedish to mention a few.

Golf Driving Range

Practice on the Lanta Golf Driving Range first before going to Pakasai Country Club in Nua Klong, halfway to Krabi.

Health Care

The Lanta hospital is situated in the Old Town and Saladan Health Center is open all year. There are nowadays several medical clinics with private doctors along the main road open during high season that co-operate with the International SOS certified hospitals in Trang, Krabi or Phuket.

Health Care

The Lanta hospital is situated in the Old Town and Saladan Health Center is open all year. There are nowadays several medical clinics with private doctors along the main road open during high season that co-operate with the International SOS certified hospitals in Trang, Krabi or Phuket.

Horseback riding

Imagine riding slowly on the beach during the sunset. Another way of enjoying beach life.


A good rule is to always keep your hands clean. It makes it easier to avoid infections or other diseases. Some places do not have soap in the toilets. Wet wipes or antiseptic hand gel can become handy!

Internet & WiFi

Most villas and apartments have fiber installed with private WiFi router. Many restaurants offer free WiFi when you visit as a guest. Thai SIM card with up tp 4G speed can be purchased in Seven Eleven or phone shops on Lanta.


Karaoke is an Asian “thing”! On Long Beach you have this fun and relaxed entertainment called Funky Monkey.


There are several tourist shops that sell tickets if you want to go kayaking which is a very peaceful and beautiful way to explore the coastline and especially the Mangrove Forest.

Klong Dao Beach

The fine sandy beaches are stretching from north to south along the west side of Lanta. The most northern, Klong Dao Beach, is shallow and therefor very child-friendly why it’s so popular among families.

Klong Nin Beach

South of Klong Kong is Klong Nin Beach, which is a very beautiful and calm beach, followed by a few more smaller beaches before arriving to Kantiang Bay where the luxury resort Pimalai is located as well as Kantiang ResidenSea. Kantiang Bay is certainly worth a visit!

Koh Rok

Snorkelling trip is arranged during high season and is heading towards Koh Rok where the French version of the reality series Robinson were shot some years ago. Best visibility Oct-Apr. See our movie about snorkling here.

Lanta Old Town

Lanta Old Town, or Ban Koh Lanta, is situated 30 min ride towards the southeast coast. Several cozy restaurants are located towards the sea and here you find small shops with beautiful hand crafts. The village of Ban Sangkha-U on Lanta Yais southern tip is a genuine Muslim fishing village.

Lanta Parklife

A fun activity place with 18-hole mini golf course situated on land and two islands for your entertainment. Fresh water fishing, Boule Pitch, Bar & food. Located on the east side of Lanta. Open all year.

Lanta Sanuk School

Sanuk – Svenska Skolan Thailand is located next to Southern Villas and Apartments. The school was founded 2001 as the first Swedish school in Thailand and follows the Swedish Curriculum from pre-school to ninth grade.


Lanta have several places for taking care of your private laundry, charge by weight, unless your rented unit has a private washing machine you can use for your laundry.

Learning Thai

Lanta International Language School offers standard or intensive courses in how to speak, read and even write Thai. Educational visas are available as well.

Local markets

Genuine local markets are found on different locations around Koh Lanta depending on what day. Bring a Thai person with you and learn more!  Open all year.

Local Transportation

Transport on Koh Lanta is often performed with a Tuk-Tuk. The driver with a number on the orange west is included in a government controlled system.

Long Beach

South of Klong Dao you find Long Beach, Phra Ae, with simple bungalows to luxury resorts and the residential Malee Beach area. Long Beach has been ranked top-ten most beautiful beaches in the world.


Meditation and contemplation is something we all need more of in our life. Why not visiting one of the three temples, sit down and give yourself some time to concentrate on “nothing”. This comes natural in this environment!


Mosquitoes are common in Thailand in this part of the world as well and cases of Dengue fever exists now and then. Use mosquito repellents that are available on Koh Lanta and covering clothing to avoid mosquito bites.

Muay Thai Stadium

Muay Thai is probably the Thai national sport number one! There are two stadiums on Lanta showing fights a couple of weeks. Listen to the car with speakers announcing this hundreds of time so you won’t miss it!

Old Town Pier

From the pier you can rent a long-tail boat and get to Koh Bubu and other small islands nearby.

Paintball & Bouldering

Lanta Paintball and Bouldering wall might require some energy in the heat but they have a café and sun loungers as well.

Relax Bay

Relax Bay which is a small beach located just south of Long Beach. Continue further south, to Klong Kong Beach with an even more “relaxed” atmosphere. This beach is rockier of its character.

Rent a bike

Motorbike is a convenient to easy get around. If you rent one, you should check that it has a valid tax sticker, paid insurance and ask them to include a helmet. To rent a TukTuk is at own risk since the insurance only cover the people on the actual bike.

Rent car & motorbike

If you are renting car or motorbike, make sure you bring an International Driver’s License and have insurance covering. For long stay tourists, it is recommended to get a Thai License in Krabi for car or motorbike.


Restaurants along the beach front have a beautiful location and a must for the sunset drink! It is not always the best food are found there. Many of the street restaurants are open the year around and are cheaper and might be what you are looking for if you are into genuine Thai.

Scuba Diving

Many diving companies offers PADI certified courses as well as day excursions for beginners and experienced levels. Some of the best dive sites in the world are found outside Koh Lanta! Open all year.


Follow Facebook groups and pages connected to Koh Lanta to get more out of your stay. Start with page for the latest news.


Dreamy Spa is one example of where you can get a highly professional treatment with many packages to choose from. A great atmosphere with certified staff. Both for him and her.

Sunsets & fruit shakes

Fruit shake is a speciality on Lanta! Order a Mango with Passionfruit or Ginger at 18.00 and get ready for the sunset!

Thai Cookery School

Get all the secrets unveiled to the core of making the dish taste delicious! A fun way to learn how to make the Thai food right.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient knowledge and a beautiful way to get stress out from your body. Massage huts along the beach gives you usually a mix of the waves and the staff giggling, unless you end up with the professionals. Ask around for the best ones.

The People of Lanta

The people in Lanta are a mix of Thai-Muslims and Chao Naam – sea gypsies – who settled down for about 100 years ago. Most the population is Muslims followed by Buddhists, Thai Chinese, Chao Naam and Christians in a peaceful mix.

The sun and the heat

Koh Lanta is quite close to the equator and it is easy to get dehydrated. The water bought in big barrels lacks minerals so you can get mineral powder from the pharmacy or Lanta Mart to keep your electrolyte balance. Also remind the children to drink plenty of water. With minerals!

The village Saladan

Ban Saladan is the tourist hub and has a passenger pier, shops, cozy restaurants, small food
stalls, dive shops, Police station, a health center and a few banks with exchange service.

Time for Lime

Time for Lime is located on the south part of Klong Dao Beach and has been teaching tourists about Thai cooking for over 15 years. A fun and tasteful learning experience where you cook what you eat in a group.


In Thailand, you drive on the left side. Unfortunately, there are some traffic accidents every year, even fatal ones! Drinking and driving is not as common today as earlier due to more regular police controls with fines consequently. Picture: Lanta Bridge connecting Lanta Yai with Lanta Noi.


Buoys far out in sea alerts the twelve masts with speakers installed on the island. Several emergency drills have been made over the years to ensure the system is working and made Lanta a very safe place for eventual future tsunami events.

Water fall

The waterfall in the south part of Lanta offers a light version of jungle trekking but its only in the end of green season, beginning high season you can expect plenty of water falling.


There are many places and trainers that offers workout indoors or outdoors on the beach. EnergyLinda, Lanta Workout are a few of them.


Yoga is for many a natural activity included in the daily routine. For those who want to practice in group, or learn from the beginning, there are a few places on Lanta offering this, like Oasis Yoga.