Drinking water

The risk of getting stomach problems on Koh Lanta is quite low. Ice is produced of drinking water so don’t be afraid to have a chilled drink.


Local and Southern inspired Thai food is of course on the menus and span from simple to sophisticated with an extra touch. International dishes are delicious as well; Indian, French, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese, Swedish to mention a few.


Restaurants along the beach front have a beautiful location and a must for the sunset drink! It is not always the best food are found there. Many of the street restaurants are open the year around and are cheaper and might be what you are looking for if you are into genuine Thai.

Thai Cookery School

Get all the secrets unveiled to the core of making the dish taste delicious! A fun way to learn how to make the Thai food right.

Time for Lime

Time for Lime is located on the south part of Klong Dao Beach and has been teaching tourists about Thai cooking for over 15 years. A fun and tasteful learning experience where you cook what you eat in a group.