1. General

Lanta Hideaways act as intermediary for renting on behalf of the owner of the holiday home and the following terms and conditions apply for booking.

  1. Valid agreement

When the booking fee has been paid, these booking conditions are valid and applied to both parties. The tenant must control that the information in the booking confirmation is correct. If payment of the booking fee or the final payment is not done in time, the booking will be considered as cancelled by the tenant.

  1. Information about the holiday home

The holiday home is normally privately owned and fully furnished with beds for the specified number of people and equipped with porcelain, cutlery, household utensils, quilts, pillows and bed linen including towels. The quality of the holiday home varies to some extent, so does the furnishing and the general equipment influenced by the owners preference and can change over time. Please look at for further information about the holiday homes.

  1. Rent and fees

The fully paid rent includes the disposal right (please see §8) of a specified holiday home during agreed period for the confirmed number of people according to the booking confirmation. A mandatory service fee applies for all bookings and will be included in the final payment. Utility fees regarding electricity, and where appropriate, water, are regulated upon check-out and departure. When receiving the key for the holiday home, the tenant pays a deposit by cash (credit card is not expected). The deposit is an estimate average cost for use of water and electricity. A safety deposit is also held for covering any damages caused during the rental period. At checkout the safety deposit is refunded if the holiday home and its inventories are in the same condition as they were at the date of check-in. On departure day the tenant leaves one set of used bed linen per person in the holiday home. For more information, please visit or see details in the booking confirmation.

  1. Payment conditions

The booking fee shall be paid within two days after receiving the booking confirmation. Final payment of the remaining amount shall be paid at latest 60 days before the rental period starts. Payment instructions are included in the booking confirmation. If a booking is made less than 60 days before arrival, full settlement is required.

  1. Amendment & cancellation conditions

If a reservation is altered by the tenant, a fee of 2500 THB will be charged. If cancellations are made 60 days or more before the start of a rental period, a cancellation fee equivalent to paid booking fee will be charged. If cancellations are made less than 60 days before the start of a rental period, no refund will be made. However, we can issue a receipt for use at insurance claim. In case the foreign ministry or equivalent authority recommends not travelling to Thailand, all payments, except the paid booking fee will be refunded.

  1. Cancellation insurance

Lanta Hideaways is not able to offer cancellation insurance. The tenants are recommended to establish insurance on their own for covering interrupted travel plans. However, there are a number of insurance companies like Gouda, World Nomads etc. offering this.

  1. Disposal right

During the rental period the holiday home shall be exclusively for the tenant’s disposal with the exception of service staff, gardener, pool keeper etc. and the staff of the Lanta Hideaways who owns the right to review the holiday home during the rental period.

  1. The tenant’s commitments

Check-in takes place at 4 p.m. on the arrival day if nothing else is agreed. Lanta Hideaways owns the right, if no agreement has been made in advance, to deny access if the confirmed number of people is exceeded. The tenant and his guests are committed to take good care of the holiday home and to follow the rules and instructions that apply. Subletting the home to third person is not allowed. The tenant and his guests are responsible for any costs related to any damages of the holiday home and/or the inventory and installations and for careless conduct. The cost for damage will be deducted from the deposits made. Any insurance cover for the tenant and the tenant’s belongings is established and paid by the tenant. Damage, problems or errors, which occur during the rental period, shall be reported to Lanta Hideaways immediately for corrective action and includes everything from minor repairs like gaskets, light bulbs, sluggish locks, etc. to major repairs. The holiday home will be considered to be in well shape if the tenant fails to report any damage, problems or errors. It is pointed out that the tenant cannot expect that any swimming pool is in perfect shape during the whole rental period because the need of extraordinary pool care and/or maintenance like cleaning, disinfection etc. that arise from time to time. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that garbage is taken care of on a regular basis during the rental period. Checkout takes place at 10 a.m. on the departure day if nothing else is agreed. Altering any painting, finishing or installations or comparable measures are not allowed. Interior furniture and inventories and not allowed to be moved outside the home. Animals are not allowed, nor in- or outside the premises. The tenant uses the rented object and its inventory and installations, including swimming pool, playground etc. solely at their own risk and will not hold, either Lanta Hideaways or the house owner, responsible for any financial or personal loss as a result of any damages to person or property received or accidents occurred during the renting period.

  1. Lanta Hideaways’ commitments

Lanta Hideaways is responsible for the correctness of the description of the holiday home. If Lanta Hideaways commits breach of contract then economic losses, except bodily injury, are compensated. Lanta Hideaways’ compensation obligation, when all demands from the tenant and his company are included, is limited to the maximum value of the total rent and is in effect only if the clients has physically claimed the holiday home.

  1. Changes of agreement

If unforeseen events prevent the use of the holiday home, Lanta Hideaways has the right to cancel the rental agreement before or during the rental period. In that case, Lanta Hideaways will, if possible, offer an equivalent holiday home as replacement. If the tenant declines the offer, or no offer is made, the remaining rent and fees will be refunded.

  1. Force majeure

Force majeure is explained as “an unforeseen event of extraordinary nature that precludes the possibility of fulfilment of a contractual consideration”. These events are counted; war, riot, strike, natural calamity, fire, international or national laws etc. that restrict or hinder a party to fulfil its obligations. Lanta Hideaways is not responsible for damage or loss incurred as a result of an insurmountable obstacle or other unforeseen events, such as described.

  1. Legislation

The law of the Kingdom of Thailand applies for the renting.