Try Thai cooking in your holiday home!

Go out eating at a restaurants is common. Sign up for a cookery class is a bit more exciting.
How about bringing the chef home to your kitchen for an evening?

Pond was born in the north east of Thailand – the Isaan district, and learned as young how to cook daily food. That knowledge and experience can be very fun to be a part of if you are visiting Lanta! You choose four dishes and decide if you wanna be served or a part of the cooking experience.

We get fresh and delicious ingredients from the local market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You are welcome to join during the shopping, otherwise we come to your place around 17.00 to start to prepare. You can expect dinner time around 19.00.

Chose from the following Menu

  1. Green Curry (Chicken or Fish)
  2. Red Curry (Chicken or Shrimps)
  3. Red Curry Soap with Coconut Milk and Sweet Pumpkin (White Snapper or Chicken)
  4. Massarman Curry (Chicken or Carrot and Sweet Thai Potato)
  5. Steamed fish in herbs, sprinkled with home made spicy lemon sauce
  6. Stir fried Morning Glory (in Oyster Sauce or Soya Bean Sauce)
  7. Mixed vegetable in Oyster Sauce
  8. Hommock Talea, steamed seafood dish on a base of cabbage
  9. Stir fried Chilli Paste (Chicken or Shrimps)
  10. Tom Djuet – Soup based on broth with Glass Noodles and Tofu (minced Chicken or minced Pork)
  11. Traditional Sticky Rice with Deep fried Chicken dipped in Sweet Chilli Sauce

We have specified the most suitable and delicious combinations when it comes to Chicken, Seafood, Pork and Vegetables.
Rice is included and is brought from Yasothon Province – the rice fields of Ponds very own family!
Please have a look at the pictures on the link below and you get an idea of Home Cooking!


Price 850 THB per person. Min 2 and max 6 persons. Children up to 12 years free of charge.

We bring ingredients, table linen, condiments and everything needed for the four course meal to turn out perfectly!
You prepare what you want to drink and let us know if there are any children that are used to eat exotic food or not.

Please send us an email with your request to and tell us some alternative dates, how many persons you are, which four dishes and ingredients you have chosen as well as what expectations you have for this evening.

Home cooking should be Easy, Fun and Tasteful — Bon Apétit!