When you receive Booking Confirmation, usually within 24 hours, there are clear instructions on how to make the payment to guarantee your booking.

The booking is divided in two parts; deposit or part payment of 15% within two days from the reservation is made. Payment is reconfirmed and calendars are blocked. The final payment is made 60 days before check-in date. If the booking is made less then 60 days before check-in date, full payment is required immediately. Account details are specified i the booking confirmation.

Siam Commercial Bank Thailand, THB local currency
Payment is preferred to Lanta Hideaways bank account on Koh Lanta.

Swedish bank account converted to SEK
For the Swedish market you can use Lanta Hideaway’s Bankgiro if you prefer.

PayPal money request by cash or credit card, THB local currency
We can also send out a payment request via PayPal so your cash card or credit card can be used in a safe way and also include insurance cover that follows with Visa and MC. Note that we add 4% on the booking value if you request payment via PayPal.