Lo Duyong

Lo Duyong is the first village on the north-east side when coming from Saladan, followed by Tung ye Peng, Jae Lhe and finally Old Town. This has been a sleeping area with locals running fishing and farms. But during 2021 a major upgrade was done with widened roads, lighting and drainage to make sure the rainy season will pass without damaging the roads like before. This will be the new prime location since this area will be upgraded now to the new commercial area on Lanta. This means greater investment opportunities for the first buyers!

The close distance to the local Saturday Market, open all year around at the footing of the bridge, is an indicator that this area with permanent living is slowly expanding. Only the last few years even minimarket and small shops have popped up and there will be more to come. A new built marina is situated only few hundred meters from The Hill Residence.

The second bridge project did pass the environmental control and it was officially started during April 2022. An investment in The Hill Residence is therefor easier to predict a steady and positive curve to increase the market value and shortening the time span of your ROI – Return of Investment!

ID: The Hill

1 The Hill Residence – a general presentation

A new residential project with 14 units around a common pool. Two minutes from Saladan and 600 meters from the bridge exit! Great investment opportunity with annual 10% return on investment.

ID: Villa Type A, 3-bedrooms

2 The Hill Residence, Type A, 3-bedrooms

Three bedrooms on two floors with balconies and terrace, modern and comfy! Premium kitchen installed. Welcome for a private viewing!

ID: Villa Thailand (type B)

3 The Hill Residence, Type B, 2-bedrooms

A 2-bedroom villa, modern, comfortable and affordable! Private pool front or side possible at some units. Construction of B3 and B4 is undergoing at the moment.