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  • Object ID:The Hill
  • Type:Villa
  • Area:5000m²
  • Year of construction:2022
  • Note:The first buyer in a new project always pay the lowest price and benefit most from the increased market value! The second bridge was officially declared to start 18 Mar 2022 and will make Lanta transform from rural area to become an easy accessible island, part of the mainland, which is good for Lanta's future.
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The Hill residence is built on three rai, equivalent to around 5000 square meter.

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Villa area with 14 units

Eight 2-bedroom villas and eight 3-bedroom villas. Area office, parking, garden, common pool and beautiful surroundings…

Project identity
There are way too many existing units on Lanta built without a proper planning from beginning which is costly and difficult to change later on to offer a maintenance free and comfortably way of living. We can name numerous examples of bathrooms where water is standing on the opposite side where the drain is placed, rooms filled with endless extension cords all over because only one electric plug was installed from beginning, leaking through roofs because of short cuts where taken to choose cheaper materials that was made for a totally different angle of the outside roof, built in furnitures that is made for Avatars over two meter long, cheap water heaters that has no grounding or safety cuts, high glazed and slippery materials were chosen where safety requires a totally different materials, and the list goes on… Since we have many years of experience from our rental management service and a direct feedback from customers and owners that continuously hire our expertise since 2005 – we are very confident in do a proper planning to make things safe and implement comfortable functions from beginning as a solid part of our concept! Some might call us stubborn but we will refuse to take short cuts. We might not be the cheapest project per square meter on Lanta, since quality might cost some extra Baht. If the design in the end is also beautiful, it’s because the planning of all other aspects where included all along. We believe you appreciate that concept idea as well!

Our concept is based on three corner stones; Design with Function, Comfort and Aesthetic in mind
Esthetically design with colors, textures and form is what you see on the pictures when buying or renting.
Well planned and thought through design also includes appreciated functions that is there and prepared when you need it.
When the daily use of your unit includes the functions you need, it becomes practical and you experience the overall to be comfortable because it make sense  – easy as that!

Living concept
Lanta has many residential areas that includes sports – and family activities. That fits well during a period in life. But family situations change over time and the group of Lanta Lovers is steadily increasing and experience a different need when the kids moved out and don’t need to be next to the Swedish schools as before. The Hill is aiming for those working on line in quiet surroundings, having a comfortable home standby when escaping the winters in Europe for a tropical getaway. The Hill will not apply for hotel license to compete with The Hotel and Resort market, but will allow monthly rentals for those owners that see the the rental income as a way to keep the cost down over the years. Our residential area will be less busy with tourism and therefor a sanctuary for those seeking that. The Hill is first out offering this concept on Lanta where there has been a gap in the market. Until now!

Land of 5000 square meters with a magical view towards the sunrise, overlooking the mountains at main land and Lanta Noi. Open and well ventilated with a constant breeze throughout the different seasons. Pumps, compressors etc are chosen according to necessary specs and installed smartly to keep the noise in the area down to a minimum. Internet will be provided with optical fiber and WiFi-routers in each unit with the latest 5G technology prepared for SmartHome products and makes streaming and surfing a breeze!

Common area
The villas are located around the land leaving a garden in the middle used as common area where there is space for a common pool allowing us to build 2024 but starting with salas and chill areas meanwhile.

A paradise within the residential area
The land is adjacent to a natural creek with fresh water coming from the mountains and we have already placed the well in the corner to secure the water supply all year around. The village of Lo Du Yong is also collecting its communal water from this creek. Throughout the area we have already prepared plantations of flowers and fragrant plants and bushes. The green and thriving rain forest is there behind us naturally, but we add hundreds of bougainvillea, a wall of Chompoo Phantip plus some wonderful lagerstroemia speciosa in order to strengthen the beautiful landscape within.

Services nearby
The public road from The Hill leads down to the main road that has gone through an extensive upgrade started 2020. The new widened concrete road has now a more flat surface (for those who remember the past) new installed street lighting and proper drainage – a welcome upgrade that makes it easier and safer now to go to and from Saladan. Opposite our take-off route you have a smaller mini market for basic needs. The marina is just a minute away where private persons are allowed to rent a spot for their boat for those into the marine life. Since that upgrade was completed during 2021, we will for sure see a general development in this area with increased services which makes it comfortable for the future. The Hill is already considered by the locals to be on a a prime location. Another Thai investor was quick to buy the land slight above us on the other side of the common road and already sold out eight plots for a residential villa project so our presence and investment has already an impact on this area and the society as a whole – which is great to see how more locals can benefit for a better life! The village of Saladan is the next center when need bigger grocery stores, restaurants, banks and food stalls – only three minutes away from The Hill. The foot of the bridge, two minutes away, is also worth a visit for the Saturday market all year around with fresh veggies, fruits and ready food when you need to stock up on groceries!

Project management
The Hill company provides the cleaning in common area as well as individual units, pool service for individual pools, garden service, garbage handling, private WiFi, insurance, water and electrical supply etc and will be a part of the communal fee. So the service needed is based on Lanta Hideaways’ experience of rental management service on the island since 2005. We include what will be needed the create a comfortable and worry-free living.

Contact and more info
Please contact info@lantahideaways.com or visit Lanta Hideaways office next to Southern Lanta Resort behind the Krung Thai Bank.

Welcome to The Hill Residence – a new way of living on Lanta!
Stefan Lebert & Jay Saenganan


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