BOOKING CONDITIONS – HOTEL AND RESORT                         updated May 2017

  1. General

Lanta Hideaways act as intermediary for renting on behalf of the owner of the hotel or resort and the following terms and conditions apply for booking.

  1. Valid agreement

When the booking fee has been paid, these booking conditions are valid and applied to both parties. The tenant must control that the information in the booking confirmation is correct. If payment of the booking fee or the final payment is not done in time, the booking will be considered as cancelled by the tenant.

  1. Regler för betalning

The booking fee shall be paid within two days after receiving the booking confirmation. Final payment of the remaining amount shall be paid at latest 60 days before the rental period starts. Payment instructions are included in the booking confirmation. If a booking is made less than 60 days before arrival, full settlement is required.

  1. Alteration of booking

If a reservation is altered or cancelled by the tenant, a fee of 2500 THB will be charged. If cancellations are made 60 days or more before the start of a rental period, a cancellation fee equivalent to paid booking fee will be charged. Conditions might alter depending on which hotel/resort is booked.

  1. Conditions for cancellation

The guest can make a cancellation according to following conditions: If guest cancel the reservation earlier than 60 days or more before the rental starts, the booking fee is used as the cancellation fee. Other fees will be refunded by the hotel/resort. If guest cancel less than 60 days before the rental starts no refund is made. Conditions might alter depending on which hotel/resort is booked.

  1. Amendment, no show or earlier check out

No refund is made if the client is no-show on check-in day or check out is made earlier than confirmed in the reservation. Conditions might alter depending on which hotel/resort is booked.

  1. Cancellation insurance

Lanta Hideaways is not able to offer cancellation insurance. The tenants are recommended to establish insurance on their own for covering interrupted travel plans. However, there are several insurance companies like Gouda, World Nomads, Europieska etc. offering this.

  1. Change in the agrement

Lanta Hideaways has the right to change the rent and fees 30 days before the tenant arrive if taxes, fees, exchange rates etc. are affecting the rent. If costs are increased more than 10 %, the tenant has, within five days from the date he received the information, the right to cancel the booking and claim full refund. If the tenant declines the offer, or no offer is made, the remaining rent and fees will be refunded.

  1. Force majeure

Force majeure is explained as “an unforeseen event of extraordinary nature that precludes the possibility of fulfilment of a contractual consideration”. These events are counted; war, riot, strike, natural calamity, fire, international or national laws etc. that restrict or hinder a party to fulfil its obligations. Lanta Hideaways is not responsible for damage or loss incurred because of an insurmountable obstacle or other unforeseen events, such as described.

  1. Legislation

The law of the Kingdom of Thailand applies for the renting.