Are you an Early Bird?

Normally we update our home page with rates and available units for coming season around December. But we already know some units that can be booked for the next coming season, valid 1 Jul 2018-30 June 2019, and we list them here until the function is developed on the homepage.

Along Klong Dao Beach

  • SRVA1, Southern Villa A1
  • SRVB1, Southern Villa B1
  • SRVB2, Southern Villa B2
  • SRVB3, Southern Villa B3

Along Long Beach

  • MBVC10, Malee Beach Villa C10
  • MBVC12, Malee Beach Villa C12

Please note that we will confirm this years rates as an “Early Bird Booking” – an advantage for you, even if there are price adjustments later on for the accommodation.