When you rent a Heavenly Holiday Home, there are some rules you need to be aware of

  • The accommodation shall not, without a special agreement, be used by more persons staying overnight, than indicated in the Booking Confirmation.
  • Damages, problems, malfunctions, or failures that occur during the stay, must be informed immediately to Lanta Hideaways. This also includes minor errors such as loose tiles, sluggish locks etc. to greater damage. If we don’t hear anything, we assume everything is in order.
  • Beds, blanket and pillows can only be used with appropriate bed linen, duvet cover and pillow cases.
  • Use the dedicated laundry company for linen that is affiliated to the accommodation.
  • No smoking or pets are allowed in the accommodation. Keep dogs and cats away from the garden and terrace. The next tenant can be allergic. Deep cleaning – decontamination – is costly and time consuming!
  • The tenant is responsible for consumables such as dishwashing detergents, toilet-and kitchen paper, etc.
  • To avoid burglary and thefts, make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave the accommodation. Use the safety box for money and valuables.
  • Ensure that the electricity and water is turned off when you leave the accommodation – you save money and the environment!
  • Toilets and plumbing systems are sensitive on Koh Lanta. Use the trash bin for sanitary napkins or extensive use of paper to avoid problems.
  • Make a habit of unplugging electric cords for TV and laptops when it is not running. The electricity can eventually cut off and the power grid doesn’t have the same voltage protection as home. Be ALWAYS careful with electricity in Thailand!
  • The tenant is responsible to empty the garbage and wash the dishes on a regular basis during the stay to avoid ants and other pests that can cause discomfort.
  • Lanta Hideaways have gone through equipment needed with the owner for a comfortable stay. Have we missed a shelf or a hook that you think should be there, please tell us and we will discuss this with the owner.
  • You have a rental agreement with Lanta Hideaways and you may therefore not hand over sublease or rent out to third person without permission. Do you have to leave earlier than planned for some reason? Please contact Lanta Hideaways.
  • Lost key to the accommodation has a charge of 1’500 THB.
  • Lost key to the safety box has a charge of 4’000 THB
  • Make sure any ball games are kept at the beach or areas designated for leisure activities. Parents can be held responsible for broken windows, fence or other construction damages. Please show respect to the neighbors that have the right to a relaxing holiday as well.
  • The booking condition, referred to in the confirmation, is a binding agreement.


We all are striving after peace of mind and by reading through the terms and conditions once,
you are closer to the relaxing part of the day…