Welcome to Hua Leam Seafront Villa 145 – an important part of your great holiday stay!

This villa is maintained by Mr Choy for cleaning, laundry and pool.

If electricity goes out, which happen time to time on Koh Lanta there is a way to bypass water flowing naturally when the pump is not working. Follow the pictures if you need water on short notice if Mr Choy, as the first option, is not available at the moment. Lanta Hideaways staff have at least 45 min to get to your place from the northern part of Lanta.   

We have nothing more specific to add about this accommodation you now have rented, except for what the staff has already informed you about during the check-in. If you have already read through the recommendations, regarding this area, you have already picked up some of the most important things to know for a relaxing holiday.

Lanta Hideaways staff usually stop by within a couple of days after your arrival to follow up on questions you still might have.

Meanwhile, have a look at the What to See, Eat, Drink, Shop on Lanta to get some more ideas about the “hideaways” we point out to get the most out of your stay.

A stay that still is ahead of you!
Lanta Hideaways Team