Some useful info about this area

  • All garbage should be disposed of in the bin that is located outside the front door. This will be emptied three times per week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Note that the road to the villas is a private road. Homeowners and its tenants are permitted to use it to go to and from the villa area. The owner of the road lives behind the pink colored three-story hotel Sweet Mansion as you pass up to Secret Garden. If you rent a motor bike, please show them respect to drive very, very slowly past them to maintain a good relationship. We all depend on good relationships!
  • There is a trolley at the parking lot that you may use for luggage or to get water barrels at the residence behind Sweet Mansion.
  • For the house’s own bed linen and towels, use the designated laundry bag.
  • Down at the main road you have ATM machines and restaurants, two minutes walk.
  • Press the link to your right and learn more about the specific villa you stay in!