Animal Welfare

Lanta has no longer problems with the wild stray dogs and cats thanks to Junie’s warm hearted engagement in those animals’ health. Lanta Animal Welfare is open for families that can support by donations or taking the dogs out for a daily walk.


Wild animals and especially Makaki monkeys are common. There are also snakes on Koh Lanta mostly spotted during green season – if you are lucky! Inform the children to avoid run in high grass.

Banks and ATM

There are hundreds of ATM’s on Lanta for cash withdrawal. If you are looking for a bank you’ll find, Thanachart Bank and Siam Commercial Bank in Saladan, Kasikorn Bank at Southern Lanta Resort’s entrance at Klong Dao Beach and the Thai Government Bank next to Lanta Hideaways office on Long Beach.

Boat trips

If you want to go snorkelling you can go on a four-island-tour which include the Emerald Cave where you swim through a 40-meter S-shaped tunnel to reach the exotic lagoon inside the mountain! Best visibilty Oct-Apr. See our activity movie here.


When you get tired of sunbathing there are two caves you can explore; Mai Kaeo Caves and Tiger Cave.

Children’s items

Lanta Mart in Saladan carry a limited choice of diapers and baby food in various brands. Baby seats and seat cushions for children in transports can be requested when ordering transfer with mini vans via Lanta Hideaways.


In Thailand it is prohibited by law to sunbathing topless. To walk on the beach in a bikini or swimwear is accepted. When visiting the village, restaurants or shops, we should dress properly in shorts, t-shirt, sarong or similar.

Cultural differences

Please keep in mind that we are guests in a country with cultural differences than we are used to. The community of Lanta is very hospitable and all we should do to is show our respect and try to understand which rules are important to follow. Welcome to the Paradise!

Drinking water

The risk of getting stomach problems on Koh Lanta is quite low. Ice is produced of drinking water so don’t be afraid to have a chilled drink.


Loy Krathong Festival takes place during October. The water festival 13-15 Apr is a Thai version of New Year. Lanta Laanta Festival is an annual event that takes place in The Old Town during mid-March. New year celebration is of course celebrated as well.