Krabi Airport on the mainland is the closest to Koh Lanta. The transfer, including one ferry crossing, takes from Krabi airport about two hours and from Phuket about five hours.

Remember that the last ferry to Lanta depart at 10 p.m. and that the first ferry from Lanta depart at 6 a.m. Lanta Hideaways always confirm appropriate time for pick-up when we know your flight details.

We recommend max eight persons including baggage for a comfortable ride. Since Lanta Hideaways forward the details about your transfer to our supplier, you are responsible to notify us if any details changes after the booking is confirmed.

Remember to make a phone call when departing at the ferry crossing, then Lanta Hideaways staff will be prepared to meet you at the villa/apartment for check-in upon arrival. Please call +66 8 626 921 39.



if you have a pre-booked transfer, you will find the driver in the arrival hall outside the luggage pick-up area. Your name will be displayed on a sign so it should be easy to find. However, there are two adjacent terminal and sometimes flights are rescheduled on short notice so your driver might be standing in the other terminal waiting for you. Krabi Airport is small so while someone is guarding the luggage, someone else from your traveling party will easily scoot over the other terminal and look for the sign with your name. There are also ATM machines and exchange booths in the arrival hall if you need to withdraw cash in THB.

What to do at the first ferry?

You will leave the airport and expect about one hour to Hua Hin Pier – the ferry crossing towards Koh Lanta Noi. When you are about to depart with the ferry it’s the right time to make a short call +66 8 626 921 39 and let us know you are heading towards Lanta and our staff can meet up at your holiday home for a convenient check-in. Passing Lanta Noi during 15 minutes and you will come to the newly built bridge that takes you swiftly over to Lanta Yai.

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