As a guest, you have the chance to make your stay a relaxing and an unforgettable experience! To help you out, we’ve put together this “Welcome Info” that we believe can save time, money and effort if you read it carefully. So please have a look at what we would like to share with you and you’ll be ready to start your vacation with a peace of mind.

  • Important phone numbers and when you should contact Lanta Hideaways
  • General guidelines about the rented accommodation
  • Some useful info about the area you are staying in
  • Specific info about the accommodation you are renting
  • During your stay, a reminder about Lanta, see the tab in the header
  • Plan your holiday, our map with highlighted restaurants and points of interests
  • Before check out, form for booking departure transfer
  • Evaluation form – we would love to hear about your experience!

We ask you to specifically note the tips and info regarding your accommodation and its common area that you find in the area links on the right side of this page that takes you to your villa or apartment!

Welcome to Koh Lanta and may your holiday be a memorable experience!

Sincerely yours,
Team Lanta Hideaways