Health Care

The Lanta hospital is situated in the Old Town and Saladan Health Center is open all year. There are nowadays several medical clinics with private doctors along the main road open during high season that co-operate with the International SOS certified hospitals in Trang, Krabi or Phuket.


A good rule is to always keep your hands clean. It makes it easier to avoid infections or other diseases. Some places do not have soap in the toilets. Wet wipes or antiseptic hand gel can become handy!


Meditation and contemplation is something we all need more of in our life. Why not visiting one of the three temples, sit down and give yourself some time to concentrate on “nothing”. This comes natural in this environment!


Mosquitoes are common in Thailand in this part of the world as well and cases of Dengue fever exists now and then. Use mosquito repellents that are available on Koh Lanta and covering clothing to avoid mosquito bites.


Dreamy Spa is one example of where you can get a highly professional treatment with many packages to choose from. A great atmosphere with certified staff. Both for him and her.

Sunsets & fruit shakes

Fruit shake is a speciality on Lanta! Order a Mango with Passionfruit or Ginger at 18.00 and get ready for the sunset!

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient knowledge and a beautiful way to get stress out from your body. Massage huts along the beach gives you usually a mix of the waves and the staff giggling, unless you end up with the professionals. Ask around for the best ones.

The sun and the heat

Koh Lanta is quite close to the equator and it is easy to get dehydrated. The water bought in big barrels lacks minerals so you can get mineral powder from the pharmacy or Lanta Mart to keep your electrolyte balance. Also remind the children to drink plenty of water. With minerals!


There are many places and trainers that offers workout indoors or outdoors on the beach. EnergyLinda, Lanta Workout are a few of them.


Yoga is for many a natural activity included in the daily routine. For those who want to practice in group, or learn from the beginning, there are a few places on Lanta offering this, like Oasis Yoga.