Animal Welfare

Lanta has no longer problems with the wild stray dogs and cats thanks to Junie’s warm hearted engagement in those animals’ health. Lanta Animal Welfare is open for families that can support by donations or taking the dogs out for a daily walk.

Boat trips

If you want to go snorkelling you can go on a four-island-tour which include the Emerald Cave where you swim through a 40-meter S-shaped tunnel to reach the exotic lagoon inside the mountain! Best visibilty Oct-Apr. See our activity movie here.


There is a night life on Lanta as well. At many beach bars, they often have some entertainment like fire shows. Visit “Paz the Indian” on Klong Dao Beach for example.

Golf Driving Range

Practice on the Lanta Golf Driving Range first before going to Pakasai Country Club in Nua Klong, halfway to Krabi.

Horseback riding

Imagine riding slowly on the beach during the sunset. Another way of enjoying beach life.


Karaoke is an Asian “thing”! On Long Beach you have this fun and relaxed entertainment called Funky Monkey.


There are several tourist shops that sell tickets if you want to go kayaking which is a very peaceful and beautiful way to explore the coastline and especially the Mangrove Forest.

Koh Rok

Snorkelling trip is arranged during high season and is heading towards Koh Rok where the French version of the reality series Robinson were shot some years ago. Best visibility Oct-Apr. See our movie about snorkling here.

Lanta Parklife

A fun activity place with 18-hole mini golf course situated on land and two islands for your entertainment. Fresh water fishing, Boule Pitch, Bar & food. Located on the east side of Lanta. Open all year.

Muay Thai Stadium

Muay Thai is probably the Thai national sport number one! There are two stadiums on Lanta showing fights a couple of weeks. Listen to the car with speakers announcing this hundreds of time so you won’t miss it!